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This updated area of the website is an informal showcase of our house in Arizona.  This is not an Architectural Digest feature.  We're not going to hire an army of maids just to get photos worthy of some glossy magazine.  There will be photos of messy room, as well as photos of clean rooms.  The photos won't be retouched (except maybe resizing or rotating some of them).  The house you will see in these pages is home to a family of five - my wife and I, our two beautiful girls (ages 15 and 10), our rambunctious 7 year old son, and our Sun Conure named Mango - who thinks she's a pterodactyl. :-(
About the COOL  Main Image

The image you see on this page is my favorite interior photo taken so far. The colors and composition turned out really well (in my humble opinion). It gives me a sense of peering down into a partially opened treasure box. I hope it feels the same to visitors of the site. If it does, then I hope the rest of the site and home live up to the metaphor.

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How the Site is Organized

We don't have clear ideas of how to present our home.  As such, the organization will be fluid and may change from time to time.  This site, like our house, is a work in progress. 

For now, we plan to have pages dedicated to different areas inside and outside the house.  There will be a discussion forum and a guestbook for entering quick notes.

We will also have links and information on stores, suppliers, services, and contractors that meet or exceed our expectations.  Our site will also list vendors on the other side of the spectrum - those who leave us unhappy.  No, we won't be paid for any of this.  We provide this information as a resource for those of you who may be interested in similar products or services.  We will merely recount our personal experiences with these vendors and make no recommendation either way.  Our forum will also be available to facilitate discussions on various vendors and service providers.

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